You wouldn’t believe me if I told you having fun was this easy!

Have you ever wanted to have the perfect birthday party? Well today we had a family organize a Birthday Party for a 5 year old at the Hawthorne Cabin! and boy was it a blast! of course when they arrived they had to try out the swing…

21731252_10155518590860499_7353992083445238701_nThough that was only just the beginning of this wonderful party that lasted a few hours! the family had brought delicious marshmallows and decided to build a fire and roast them! mmmm!

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After everyone was done eating marshmallows and pizza! it was time to open presents. It was so exciting to see her face as she opened her presents, even getting a bike! she was so excited to get!

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And of course we can not forget the cake!

Afterwords the kids all got on the Razor and took a drive to all the cabins to check them out! they loved the mini cabins and couldn’t stop talking about coming back and enjoying the outdoors!

After the sun started to go down, it was time to go home, but even though the day was coming to a close, the memories this family shared will never be forgotten. We love our fellow campers, and hope they had a wonderful time. We look forward to seeing some Familiar faces very soon!